Glimpses from the Book “Come Away My Beloved”

Excerpts from the book Come Away My Beloved ~ Frances J. Roberts
O My child, give Me your mind. I shall keep it in perfect tranquility. Give Me your thoughts. I will keep them in peace. If ye allow other people to do thy thinking for thee, thou shalt be distressed. If ye try to do it for thyself, ye may be in error through limited knowledge or mis-information. But let the mind of Christ be in you. Let My thinking displace and supersede thy mind and thy reasonings, and thou shalt be kept in peace and order and shalt know exactly and precisely what is right, what is true, and what is the proper course of action.

As ye draw upon My Spirit for physical strength, so draw upon My Mind for wisdom and understanding and peace of mind. Make this a habit in thy life and thou shalt be astounded at the results, the accomplishments, it will bring. Rather than being motivated by impulse, ye shall be directed by Divine Intelligence.

Have I not promised that if any lack wisdom, they may ask of God who giveth liberally and without discrimination? I have not left you to flounder like a rudderless ship. I will freely share with you all ye need of My thinking powers, even as I share of My grace for the needs of the soul.

This is a reservoir very nearly untapped. This is why I commended Solomon, because he asked the highest gift. In adding the other benefits, I gave him only those things which shall surely always follow after this first. For the life truly directed by My Mind shall enjoy in abundance many other blessings.

Ye shall know who hath need of healing, and what the physical need, yes, even what is the true cause of illness, that healing may be complete in the whole man. Ye shall know who is speaking error, and ye shall not only discern the craftiness of the enemy, but know how to rebuke him in My Name.

Ye shall be unafraid before the face of every man, for wisdom is power. Ye shall be unashamed to speak, for ye shall know that the words ye speak are not your own, but His Who has sent thee and made thee His messenger. Yes, you shall be able to testify as did Jesus: the words that I speak, I speak not of myself, but they are the words given me by the Father. Know that I will do it. Trust Me to do it. Ye shall rejoice exceedingly beyond any joy ye have yet experienced.

Amazing things await thee. Ye have had but the tiniest for-taste. Launch out! The mind of God is fathomless. Who can ponder the smallest fraction of the intelligence of the Creator? It is all at thy disposal-a great repository upon which ye may freely draw. Draw, then, for truly “the well is deep.”

2 thoughts on “Glimpses from the Book “Come Away My Beloved””

  1. this was truly a blessing to read!! I will definitely advertise it on Twitter and FaceBook for all to share and be blessed by it!!

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